About the Natural Capital Lab

The Natural Capital Lab is a collaborative initiative to shape and align how we account for natural capital in Canada.

This ambitious initiative will bring together a national cohort of innovators from business, government, and non-governmental sectors to collaborate on pilot projects to identify, test, and scale natural capital measurement and management. Innovators will receive support as they co-create and experiment with new models and processes aimed at improving natural capital management within three work streams: corporate, municipal and federal/provincial/territorial.

Design and Delivery Team

 person_geneva_claesson_2  person_bio_john_purkis_215  person_bio_nancy_cruz_215  person_robyn_seetal
Geneva Claesson
Strategic Advisor and Project Manager
Natural Capital Lab
John Purkis
The Natural Capital Lab
Nancy Cruz
Communications Coordinator
The Natural Step Canada
Robyn Seetal
 person_bio_saralyn_hodgkin_215  person_bio_tyler_seed_215
Saralyn Hodgkin
Senior Director, Design and Development
The Natural Step Canada
Tyler Seed
Interim Director, Marketing and Communications
The Natural Step Canada

Steering Committee

person_davinder_valeri_215 person_karen_clarke_whistler_215 person_mark_anielski_215_1
Davinder Valeri
Director, Strategy, Risk and Performance Management,
Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) Canada
Karen Clarke Whistler
Chief Environment Officer
TD Bank
Lara Ellis
Director of Strategic Initiatives
ALUS Canada
Mark Anielski
Anielski Management
person_mike_puddister_215_1 person_mike_wilson2 person_rob_smith_215_1 person_roy_brooke_215_1
Mike Puddister
Deputy CAO & Director Watershed Transformation
Credit Valley Conservation Authority
Mike Wilson
Executive Director
Sustainable Prosperity
Rob Smith
Mid Summer Analytics
Roy Brooke
Municipal Natural Asset Initiative
Tom Ewart
Senior Manager, Sustainability
The Co-operators


The Natural Capital Lab is convened by The Natural Step Canada with support from