• Proudly Announcing Our Natural Capital Innovators

  • Our natural resources underpin our national prosperity and well being.

    It's time to make them count in our decision-making.

A collaborative initiative to shape and align how we account for natural capital in Canada.


We’re Convening Leaders from Across Canada

We're asking economists, accountants, statisticians, ecologists, NGOs, government and business leaders to join us as we collaboratively design, pilot and test innovative approaches to improve natural capital stewardship.

Measure and Value Our Ecosystem Services

Build the Business Case for Better Management

Impact Government and Corporate Decision Making

The Natural Step Canada and our collaborators are designing a platform to discuss, experiment and innovate - the Natural Capital Lab

In collaboration with

Design Team and Steering Committee

The Lab is supported by a team of passionate facilitators and subject matter experts

Meet our team

How we get results: Sustainability transition labs

Creating a platform for collaborative, multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary decision-making, and innovation.

New partnerships

Convening unlikely stakeholders and creating a shared understanding of the challenge ahead.

Design thinking

Embracing complexity by prototyping new solutions and approaches.

Amplifying results

We provide a venue for leaders to take their work and impact to the next level

What's happening now?


Apr 20, 2017

The Natural Capital Lab Presents: Pavan Sukhdev and Alexander Müller

  Here at the Natural Capital Lab, all of our discussions at some point require us to concede to the complex and seemingly chaotic dynamics of ecosystems and biodiversity. Despite

vince blog april

Apr 18, 2017

The Ecology of Natural Capital – “Eco-logical” choices for valuation

I was watching the news the other morning, and it was being reported that two “priceless” Van Gogh paintings, valued at about $72 million, had been recovered and were finally


Dec 15, 2016

A day in the life – interacting with natural capital at work and play

Vince Deschamps is an ecologist and Registered Professional Planner with over twenty-five years of professional practice, including living and working in protected areas in rural and remote parts of the

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