Robert Siddall

Chief Financial Officer at Metrolinx

Metrolinx is the Provincial Agency responsible for regional planning, the construction of over $40 billion of transit projects such as Regional Express Rail (RER) and Eglinton Crosstown over the next 10 years, and the delivery of transit services such as GO Transit, UP Express and the PRESTO fare card. Metrolinx has recently issued The Metrolinx Sustainability Strategy (2015-2020) which can be found at

Robert has over 35 years of senior management experience, covering a wide range of strategic and financial functions in both the private and public sectors.

Prior to Metrolinx, Robert was Chief Financial Officer for Waterfront Toronto and previously held the position of Provincial Controller with the Province of Ontario. While at the Province, Robert was responsible for introducing the first risk management policy and for developing risk management training as part of the Modern Controllership initiative.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto and is a FCPA, FCA. Robert is a board member of CPA Canada’s Sustainability Advisory Board and was a recent board member of the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance.


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