Kevin Rich

Head of Industry and Government Relations, Ontario Ducks Unlimited

Since joining Ducks Unlimited Canada in 1999, Kevin has served as the lead for habitat program delivery in southwestern Ontario. In 2006, he developed DUC’s first-ever municipal extension program designed to encourage strong land use policies for wetland conservation, at selected municipalities. His current position with DUC is Head of Industry and Government Relations for Ontario, where he works with government, industry, and other key stakeholders to help stop wetland loss and improve wetland conservation via stronger government policies and programs. Those efforts, combined with those of his colleagues have contributed to stronger provincial land use policies and reduced regulation for on-the-ground wetland conservation projects. Prior to joining DUC, Kevin worked in the fields of water/wastewater treatment and organic waste management.

Kevin holds a B.Sc. in zoology and a M.A.Sc. in environmental engineering. He has served as a board member of Camphill Communities Ontario and now sits on the board of the Camphill Foundation Canada. Kevin lives in Barrie with his wife and 2 young sons where he takes every opportunity to encourage his sons to explore and enjoy the great outdoors in their neighborhood and beyond.


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