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Announcing a new cohort of 30 outstanding natural capital leaders.

We are proud to announce the Natural Capital Lab Innovator cohort. These exceptional leaders are united by their desire to improve Canada's accounting and management of natural capital.

The Innovators will build on their work to date by employing the sustainability transition lab methodology. Seasoned economists and accountants will work alongside expert ecologists and policy makers to co-create and test new natural capital models and processes for business, and local, provincial and federal governments. We will document the entire process in the months to come and look forward to sharing stories and outcomes.

While the core of the Natural Capital Lab is the Innovator cohort, we strongly welcome insights from interested supporters like you. The more diversity and experience we can inject into this process, the greater our impact is likely to be.

This is going to be a busy (read: productive) year and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Top Stories from the NCL

A Day in the Life: Interacting with Natural Capital at Work and Play. Natural capital is the basis of our economies and societies, but how often do you stop and appreciate how valuable NC is to you? Blogger Vince Deschamps chronicles his daily commute to work and identifies all the ways ecosystems services are working behind the scenes. Read more...

Natural Capital Workshop. February 28th, Milton, Ontario. The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is hosting a full day workshop on natural capital valuation methods and management in partnership with the Natural Capital Lab and Ontario Network for Ecosystem Services. Places are limited so please, RSVP before February 28th. Learn more and register here.

It's Time to Start Accounting for Nature: WWF Toolkit. The World Wildlife Foundation in partnership with Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (both NCL participating organizations) have partnered to develop a toolkit to help corporations develop a business case for sustainability. Learn more.

Ontario's Good Fortune: Appreciating the Greenbelt's Natural Capital. We're happy to share the latest report from Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, GreenAnalytics and Sustainable Prosperity. One highlight from the report - the Greenbelt provides $3.2B annually in ecosystem services to the region. Read NCL Innovator, Thomas Bowers' blog on the new report here.

Feature Natural Capital Lab Innovator

Nicole Vadori, Senior Manager Corporate Environmental Affairs, TD Bank Group. Nicole Vadori directs a range of programs to achieve TD's vision of being an environmental leader, including initiatives geared at reducing TD's carbon footprint, mitigating environmental risk in lending and investment activities, and developing green products such as the TD Green Bond. She is also involved with the bank's working group on natural capital which values the ecosystem services provided by the environment.

View all the Natural Capital Innovator profiles.

Look out for next month's Natural Capital Lab update and invite friends and colleagues to be part of our community!


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